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Interview Readiness Checklist

Action Items: Day Prior to the Interview

Organize your briefcase/portfolio
– Copies of resume
– List and/or copies of publications, reports, manuals, etc.
– Completed generic application
– Business cards
– List of names/contact numbers of interviewers
– Recommendations/letters of reference

Conduct trial drive to interview location. You’ll want to arrive at the interview 10-15 minutes early.

Select/ready your wardrobe. A word about dressing for success. If you’re in doubt as to how to dress, ask. An interview is not just another day on the job. It’s better to err on overdressing than arriving too casually. You don’t want to be remembered as the only candidate who didn’t dress appropriately for the interview.

Review interview materials/practice responses

Get a good night’s sleep


Action Items: Day of Interview

Eat a light meal. You don’t want your stomach growling in the middle of the interview!

Rehearse responses while driving [without ramming into the car in front of you!!].  If you arrive to the interview location earlier than 15 minutes, continue practicing responses in the car.

Turn off your cell phone before entering the facility. [Even on vibrate, it can be heard!!]

Focus on projecting image of professionalism & confidence. Smile! Be friendly & genuine!

Don’t review notes while waiting to be interviewed. Instead, reinforce your confidence by reading material on display in waiting room.

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