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Interview Readiness Checklist

Action Items: Day Prior to the Interview Organize your briefcase/portfolio – Copies of resume – List and/or copies of publications, reports, manuals, etc. – Completed generic application – Business cards – List of names/contact numbers of interviewers – Recommendations/letters of reference Conduct trial drive to interview location. You’ll want to arrive at the interview 10-15 […]

Contingency Planning for Interview Emergencies

Help!! Emergency!! What do you do if…. You’ve overslept or are in a traffic jam, and you’re going to be late. Call your contact person at the company immediately. Apologize without going into detail. Very politely inquire whether you should continue proceeding to the interview or whether it would be more convenient to reschedule. Obviously, […]

Building Rapport in the Interview | The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

Making a Good First Impression From the time that you first enter the company’s facility where your interview will be held, be cognizant of the image you are projecting – make it one that is professional, poised & friendly. Send a message that you are in control and very confident. Interviewers form impressions based on […]

Selling Yourself in the Interview

So often I hear clients lament that, while they think they can perform pretty well in an interview, they really dislike selling themselves. What are the push-backs I hear most often? “It feels like bragging – exaggerating my abilities.” “I’m taking all the credit for what the team I was on did.” “It makes me […]